Cenote Labnaha Eco Park Tulum

Address:Carretera federal 307, km240, Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico
Phone:+52 984 129 3040

About Cenote Labnaha Eco Park Tulum

Adventure, excitement and the opportunity to explore deep into the mystical, magical Mayan world await at the Cenote LabnaHa Eco Park. The Eco Park is located deep in the heart of the Yucatan Peninsula, home to the world's largest system of caverns and freshwater cenotes. Cenotes are limestone sinkholes developed when the roof of a cavern collapses creating natural pools that are intriguing to explore, swim and snorkel in. Cenote LabnaHa Eco Park was developed in the Yucatan on a section of land that is more than 200 hectares and encompasses a vast number of interconnecting cenotes and caverns, some of which are now open to the public for an unforgettably, unique experience.

A visit to the Cenote LabnaHa Eco Park includes the visit and exploration of three different cenotes in the area including Cenote Sagrado, Magic Cenote and Cenote Labnaha. The tour starts with an exhilarating zip line which descends into Sacred Lake. The zip line is followed by a meandering kayak tour that winds through the jungle. After paddling through the jungle there are stops at the three cenotes which includes multiple opportunities to jump in, swim and snorkel around. While snorkeling you will have a chance to see the captivating beauty and mystique of the underground caves including fascinating formations of stalactites and stalagmites. While walking on the paths that connect each cenote, a professionally trained guide will identify and explain the various flora and fauna that are unique to the Yucatan area. For the more adventurous, there are also opportunities for technical and cave diving exploration, special scuba diving certification is needed for these tours.

Because of the fragile nature of the ecosystem of the Yucatan Peninsula and the desire and need to protect the history and culture of the Mayan people, Cenote LabnaHa Eco Park is committed to preserving the environment and traditions of this culture. The Eco Park works to keep the impact on this area as natural and minimal as possible and to maintain the traditions and cultures of the Mayans communities. Homage was also paid to the Mayan culture through the naming of the Eco Park. The Eco Park was named “LabnaHa,” which means 'old temple in the water' in Mayan, after the much revered and idolized Mayan god “Labna.”

Embarking on an expedition at Cenote LabnaHa Eco Park is an opportunity to learn about an ancient culture and environment while enjoying adventure and excitement within the breathtaking beauty of this unique cave system. This authentic experience is an opportunity to see unspoiled and unaffected parts of the natural world in a small, private and completely personalized setting.

Groups of all sizes and all ages are welcome at Cenote LabnaHa Eco Park. The Eco Park is located along the Riviera Maya, close to the town of Tulum and just 30 minutes south of Playa del Carmen. The price of entry for a full-day tour is $89 US and includes snorkel equipment and life jackets, a buffet lunch, water, lockers and a multilingual guide.

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There are a lot of cenotes in Quintana Roo and we visited cenote Labnaha because it wasn't far away from us and the reviews about it were rather good. We didn't regret! It wasn't a simple excursion with a boring history. Our guide told us a lot of interesting facts about Mayan history and about cenote Labnaha. We tried a zip line and snorkeling. The water was so clear and fresh that it was a great pleasure to swim in it. It isn't hot underground and we had no desire to come back outside to the heat. When you go down to that caves with all their stalactites and stalagmites the feeling is awesome. No words can interpret it. I'm afraid of deep water and darkness but facing and getting over these fears costs of seen beauty!

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