Yalahau Cenote in Holbox

Address:Holbox, Quintana Roo, Mexico

About Yalahau Cenote in Holbox

A place of fresh and cool water, Yalahau cenote is located only 30 minutes through the boat from Holbox. It is a cenote with extraordinary properties. According to the legend by people who says that as soon as people submerged there, they will feel like becoming less than 10 years.

The cenote is situated all along the biggest source of fresh water for the islet of Holbox but now it is a stunning vacation spot which is a section of a sheltered natural preserves.

This cenote was the most important source of refreshment for fishermen after a day’s hard work in the olden days and it was a central port for Maya traders as well.

From the top of the gazebo, you can watch this beautiful cenote with its natural pool of fresh water and springs bounded by plants, trees and shrubs.

This small island is also a refuge for pirates like Francisco de Molas who lived in this island for more than 40 years. He did not allow anybody to draw water from the cenote because he wanted to hide his treasure somewhere on the island. A legend states that he appointed his one of the workers to hide the treasure. When his worker completed work, he ordered to cut the worker’s head, as the worker was the only one besides him who knew where the treasure was buried. It is also said that you can notice the head of that unlucky worker at night over the place where the treasure was buried.

Nowadays visitors can freely visit the island and enjoy tasty snacks in the palapa, which was mounted shortly prior to the arrival of eye of water that can be a dunk in the fresh waters of the cenote as well.
It is essential here to know that if you have a family picnic you must carry your food and drinks or refreshments with you before leaving Holbox as there are no stores or eating places.

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