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We believe in our cliché that is “All the Best Cozumel Excursions and Cozumel Tours”. Cozumel Water Sports give a variety of wonderful and pleasure trips that include Water Sports, Sightseeing Trip And Cruise Seashore Tour, Voyage And Feat, Jungle Off Way, All Wide-Ranging Coast Breaks, Jeep Excursion, Personal Cruise Seashore Expedition, Catamarans And Charter Boats, Personal Transportation are just few to name.

Cozumel Water Sports provide you enjoyment of each and every part of best Cozumel explorations, packed with economical charges and most excellent Cozumel tour guides and tools.
We guarantee you the best trips in Cozumel and expeditions in Cozumel at reasonable prices, serving the best of your charges paid. By choosing Cozumel Water Sports as your favored source for Cozumel excursions and Cozumel Cruise coast tours, you can be benefited more than by preferring any other provider.

Cozumel Water Sports that is CWS was started immediately after the few days of Hurricane Wilma knocked the Cozumel Island and the idea behind its origination was to provide special Cozumel excursions and to begin as the best travel agency. The Hurricane Wilma is among the category 5 storm that hit the island on 22nd Oct, 2005, which remain there for more than 60 hours resulted this beautiful Caribbean Island, through its destructive winds, waves and rain, in the position that had gone through many losses and was looking for new defies and requiring lots of sincere hard work to build it again.
We then emerge as a sincere group of apprehensive tour operatives in Cozumel who are professional and become good friends thus we originate as an active source of Cozumel excursion for many years. We are equipped with our vast and precious years of experience in Cozumel tourism, particularly in cruise boat tours and coast excursions in Cozumel Mexico. We recognized and expanded the need for sophisticated and distinguished promotion of excellent excursions and cruise coast tours in Cozumel. This is the story of the emergence of Cozumel Water Sports on 14th November 2005 on the first day, tour boats reappeared to Cozumel.

The imaginative originator of the company is also the Managing Director of Cozumel Water Sports until now and its partners, contributors, customers, associates and the public support CWS fully and willingly. We started our journey with six water sports excursions and at present, we have a wide collection of 240+ trips and coast tours. We enjoy an honor to present you excursions in water games, tourism, exploration excursions, great games, literary and learning activities, devout experiences, group and inducement trips, family activities, appeal and legacy. Whether you are in Cozumel or at any other part of the entire Caribbean, we have been extended as Shore Excursioneer to the Caribbean and we will soon open our new ports internationally. Moreover, we assure you satisfied first class tourist excursions with memorable experiences that are accessed at reachable prices with the most-excellent local operators.

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