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The Mayan ruins of Coba lie deep within the jungle of the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico and hold ancient secrets and mysteries that to this day are still being discovered and uncovered.

Coba is a massive ruin site with a suspected 6,500 buildings and structures, the majority of which have not yet been excavated, but there is still quite a bit of impressive and interesting architecture to see. It is thought that at one point Coba ruins was the most populous ancient Mayan city with speculation that anywhere from 50,000 to 100,000 inhabitants lived here and that this area served as the central hub for several surrounding cities. Coba ruins, meaning “water stirred by winds in Mayan, is uniquely surrounded by two lagoons and is actually a large complex, or group of sites, that are all interconnected by multiple ancient ceremonial white roads (sacbéob), their meaning of which remains a mystery.

The most visited section of Coba ruins is the Nohoch Mul pyramid, the largest and tallest temple pyramid in the Yucatan, Mexico. The pyramid stretches to 137 feet high and there are 120 steps to the top. Unlike other Mayan ruins in the area, for the daring, adventurous and not faint of heart, the steep steps leading to the top of the pyramid can still be climbed and it is well worth the effort. There is a rope in the middle of the stairs to help assist with the climb up and down. Those who make the climb will be treated to a spectacular view of the surrounding jungle and the tops of many of the still yet to be excavated pyramids and buildings that make up Coba ruins.

Pleasant meandering paths covered with a jungle canopy lead the way to the rest of the excavated ruins of Coba. Visitors can walk or there are also options on site to rent a bike or hire a pedicab for a tour. While traversing be sure to keep eyes and ears open for local wildlife including howler monkeys, iguanas and exotic, tropical birds.

Coba Mayan ruins is located in the center of the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico, about 40 miles west of the Riviera Maya community of Tulum. It is recommended to arrive at the ruins of Cobafirst thing in the morning to avoid crowds and the hot sun and humidity. Cost of admission is $57 pesos for adults, children under the age of 12 are free. Parking is $12 pesos. Make sure to bring water, bug spray and good walking shoes.

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Marco Jost
We had heard that it can get crowded at Coba ruins the later you wait to go so we rented a car to get there early versus joining a tour group – so glad we did! We got there right when they opened and almost had the place to ourselves, the rest of the crowds showed up around 10 and by then it was really HOT. The climb to the top of the main pyramid is hard but the scariest part is the climb back down. Still worth it, what a view. We've also been to Tulum and Chichen Itza too, I'd say Coba are some of my favorite ruins.
Coba ruins is one of the Mayan ruins that are presented on the territory of Quintana Roo. We decided to visit these Mayan ruins because they aren't so popular as others. First of all because of the their location. However only here you can climb one of the pyramid and admire the view of the jungles and the surrounding lakes. I'm afraid of the altitude but I decided to try to climb but after 20 stairs I decided that I couldn't do this. My husband did and he took photos from the height of Coba Ruins and I just looked them after. When he went down he told me that climbing down was more scaring than going upstairs. So if you do not have the fear of altitude and are ready to climb the pyramid get ready and wear comfortable shoes and cloths. If you don't want go through the jungles that lead to the pyramids you can take an interesting taxi (I'd like to call it velotaxi). Beside the pyramids you can also meet a real crocodile as there are lakes and jungles around the Coba Ruins.

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