Cenote el Eden - Ponderosa

Address:25 Km. South of Playa del Carmen and 3 Km. south of Puerto Aventuras, Puerto Aventuras, Quintana Roo, Mexico

About Cenote el Eden - Ponderosa

Cenote el Eden- Ponderos is situated in Mexico at 25 kilometers away from Playa del Carmen to South and 3 kilometers from Puerto Aventuras. It is located at Highway 307, 10 minutes drive to south of Puerto Aventuras, very near to the entry of cenote Chikin Ha.

Cenote el Eden- Ponderos is an extremely famous site for Cavern and Cave Diving as well as snorkeling. It’s a famous training site as well and you might see a cave class going on while you are there. It’s a very big open deep natural well with extremely clear water and plenty of life hidden in the big blocks of flattened algae coated limestone. Watch out for Turtles, freshwater Eels, Cichlids, and the Sail fin Mollies. Additionally, you will notice a lot of bird life around and in the cenote including Grebes, Cormorants and Motmots. In case you are fortunate, you might see the Grebes chasing the colorful shoals of fish below water. Due to the shallow depths this is a perfect place for snorkelers and there’s the additional venture of a leap of 5 meters into the water.

The entry way to the Ponderosa’s Cavern Zone is very big and the permanent gold Cavern Line starts some distance. When at the beginning of the line it is possible to see light before you from Cenote Corral 90 meters far away proving how excellent the visibility is in the Riviera Maya’s caverns.

 A very big amazing tunnel heads over to Corral so large you can take off a 747 through it. When you arrive at cenote Corral the Cavern Line avoids the border of it providing you an excellent view of both jungle above and the cavern below with awfully exciting light shows. In many places you will come across a defined and robust halocline which is grand fun to jump. Look for the ethereal thin coating of hydrogen sulphide stored in a density interface within the water column at the very far end of the cavern zone.

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Got visit this cenote its next to cenote azul you will no regret it .
We love that place filled with peace and quiet!!!
Anna Macias
The best cenote of the River Maya, lots o parking, easy entrance to get to the natural pool, clean area and palapas to have family picnics and spend the whole day... oh and also there is a area to jump from a cliff that is absolutely fun and safe!
Mario Brindis
The beauty of the place is amazing, the water is crystal clear and refreshing. The flora and fauna of the cenote is awesome. It has trail for exploring the surroundings and discover the beauty of a real natural eco-place. I really recommended!

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