Cenote Santa Cruz

Address:Akumal, Akumal, Quintana Roo, Mexico
Phone:+52 984 182 6052
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About Cenote Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz, a unique kind of cenote located in Akumal, is not open to the public in the traditional way. In fact, to visit cenote Santa Cruz, you have to book in advance. This procedure was chosen by the owners in order to preserve its' environment as much as possible.

Santa Cruz is a system of caves, caverns and an open air cenote, having a length of around 460 meters, located within a private rancho (also called Santa Cruz), some 10 minutes’ drive from the entrance of Akumal. Guides will drive you in their vans to the area where the cenote is located.
Alternatively, you can choose to reach the rancho by bicycle or by an interesting horseback ride through the jungle.

The guides in cenote Santa Cruz will provide you with the necessary security equipment (helmet, waterproof flashlight and a life vest), but it's also recommended to wear water shoes or similar footwear (easily purchased in many places here), as the descending walkways through the caverns can be slippery.

The first part of the visit is through the underground dry chambers, with its' amazing natural decorations of stalactites, stalagmites and columns dating back around 50 million years.

The underground walkway will slowly lead you through the darkness, to the area where the water starts slowly rising from your ankles up to your waist. The cavern vault is now quite low (hence the reason to wear a security helmet), but the settings around you are absolutely breathtaking - it is just so amazing to consider what single droplets of water can design and create over millions of years.

After about 150/200 meters of a slow but still enjoyable walk in the fresh water, the natural daylight starts giving amazing green reflections to the water and the vault: you've reached the cenote, where a wide hole in the ceiling allows the brilliant sunlight to shine through and illuminate the water.

If you were to approach this same wide hole from ground level however, you will find it surrounded by vegetation and trees, and where it has created a natural swimming pool in a well that you will love to swim in, with the bright sky above you. There is a wooden deck built on one side of the cenote Santa Cruz, and also a rope, which you can use to swing yourself before diving into the crystal clear water.

A barbecue will be available if you decide to stop for lunch, the perfect end for a tour into the bowels of the earth.

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Cenote Santa Cruz is amazing! When you look on such places in the world you wonder how the nature can create such places as this one. A unique underground world with its stalactites and stalagmites and with its fresh and the purest water. The breath taking view of sunlight that penetrates to the cenote through the holes between the rocks and the sparkling water. There is also a rope from which you can jump into the water.

Be careful with the rocks. They are rather slippery. If you have special water shoes and waterproof camera make sure you took them with you, when you will go to visit Cenote Santa Cruz.

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