Calle Corazon Playa del Carmen

Address:5th Avenue between 12 and 14 Street, Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexico
Phone:+52 984 206 4900

About Calle Corazon Playa del Carmen

In the thriving tourist destination of Quintana Roo, this development is an authentic showcase that promises to offer visitors a mix of fashion restaurants and entertainment.

It is a mixed-use project that will accommodate a lifestyle retail component and the first internationally renowned lifestyle boutique hotel in Playa. The hotel, branded by Thompson, will be operated by Commune Hotels + Resorts, the leader in the lifestyle hospitality spaces with over 50 hotels throughout North America and Europe.

The project will be developed in the epicenter of the 5ta. Avenida, one of the newest and most recognized streets in Mexico, where shops and boutiques, bars and restaurants are spread out over nearly two kilometers.

The emblematic 5ta Avenida is one of the most transited pedestrian streets in the country with over 6 million visitors annually.

Playa del Carmen is part of the Riviera Maya, an area that stands out for its market and tourist infrastructure and which began to develop in the early 90 ́s. Its dynamic growth rate continues today.

The project is an example of urban renewal, as multiple properties were acquired in order to rebuild and modernize urban space through a new world-class mixed-use project.

The vision was to rebuild the heart of the city which spans between 12th and 14th street of 5ta Avenida in order to create this new project, which includes international brands, renowned restaurants, and a boutique hotel with an infinity pool that provides spectacular views of the Caribbean Sea.

The development stands out for its innovative and functional design, which combined with elegant and delicate finishes, efficient lighting and a perfect distribution of spaces and green areas, creates a vibrant trendy environment.
The construction is respectful of its environment and the Riviera Maya ecosystem, offering an unparalleled design experience to the national and international tourist markets.

It is expected that the project will open in 2015. It will consist of four levels, more than 90 keys and over 40 spaces for shopping and dining.

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cindy blue
it killed one of the most beautiful little streets in Playa calle Corazon which everybody loved because it was uniquly playa , Playa del carmen is losing all of its authentic mexican/hippy charm with these modern concrete jungle type malls does it always have to be about money people ? capitalism has not part in Playa del Carmen's unique beauty of old , WHAT A SHAME
roberto pino
It is a pity that the result of this project will destroy what is left of the "caribbean look" in Playa and turn it into another small Cancun, a bad copy between Las Vegas and Miami. After 2004 and with the bridges construction in 2010 little was still left about the peaceful and quiet small fishermen town. Now it is growing bigger and modern, but that is not what people love about our riviera Maya.
Looks very very nice! Great project!
This has been possible only with the corruption of the mexican government, the violation of many environmental laws and the greed of many developers just to satisfy the hollow and presumptuous minds of mindless vacationers. We don´t need elegant designs nor finishes, no efficient lightning nor satisfy any kind of market. Stop polluting the sea and destroying de ecosystem.
Yea will be nice!
You are killing the essence Of Playa del Carmen with this plaza
Sha e on you,
Playa pioneer
having destroyed a landmark to make yet another boring "mall" to feed the insidious appetite of investors looking to rape Playa del Carmen, not shape or participate in the culture... And I wont fail to mention that trees that were more than 70 years old were mowed down with only homage paid to the dollar, NO NOT THE PESO, the DOLLAR as the money will leave the community!!! Thanks for nothing!!!!! Oh and note the only positive review.... is about the investments coming to town!!! VIVA LA DISTRUCCION DEL PARAISO!!!!
such a shame!
Respectful of the environment and ecosystem? I was there when they destroyed the beautiful, old trees in the real Calle Corazon. Can't believe they kept the name. Terrible
Stephen Spiegel
It took away a delightful street. I guess it is considered progress. I fear Playa will begin to lose tourism when it is not Playa any longer. But, then again, there may be a whole new demographic who like "bright and shiny" instead of quaint. I hope it will provide work for locals.
Horrible proyect! Calle corazon was a nice street now is gona be horrible
Pretty unhappy about this latest development in Playa del Carmen. Looks incredible, and the layout is great, but Playa del Carmen doesn't need this monster sized building. Keep that nonsense in Cancun. Sad to see this happening here, and going against the height restrictions that were put in place for a reason. Was at a friend's place on their rooftop pool and the construction COMPLETELY blocks the view of the water, and distant Cozumel, now. How sad. What a shame.
no bueno, no chido. More shops is the last thing that area needs.
The horrible cynicism to call that lump of concrete "calle corazon" after the very same little street demolished for its construction.
That little street had everything this monstrosity advertises to, but will never have: atmosphere, authenticity, stylish shops and at its heart a beautiful old tree.

To replace a living heart with a lump of stone and expect it to keep beating.
Projects like this do something: to kill the culture, integrity and essence of a little town, and to make it more disgusting, they had the nerve to cut an emblematic tree of decades old in order to put a horrible-lack-of-taste mall, urban renewal??? where does the waste is going? because since you started constructing i haven't seen a single change on the tubes or any kind of infrastructure able to handle a 4 floors building and all the waste it provokes. You are greedy beasts.
Hate it! We don't need another shopping mall, not a 4 store building, and much less more concrete.
Hate it! You kill the best 5th avenue's part ... I selected 1star but is absolutly 0
Francisco PLAYENSE
They literally took the heart out of Playa by destroying the authentic calle Corazon which was so beloved by its locals. A slap in the face to name this new monstrosity also Calle Corazon!
HATE IT! This area is unique and beautiful for a reason. The charm it holds is like no other, to do this ruins the beauty it has. AWEFUL CHOICE! Why not just put a shopping mall on Chichén Itza too? It's that ridiculous of an idea.
I am so glad that projects like this come to Playa del Carmen with such an importance and big investment, reflecting the growth Playa is living today. Also love the architecture.
I am absolutely disgusted that whomever was in charge of this project had the nerve to name this monstrosity Calle Corazon. Calle Corazon was the name of the street this development is being built on. This shows disrespect and honestly laziness! I am also not impressed that these buildings exceed the 4 floor building limit here in Playa del Carmen.
Dislike it... much too big for the area it is built in. Seems like it was built for greed more than anything else. And it is not like we NEED another mall/shop/restaurant. Places like this just suck the charm right out of whatever was left of Playa del Carmen, which is what bring people there in the first place.
Hate it! Doesnt respect the environement at all! 4 floors but bigger than normal constructions inPlaya Del Carmen, hate it!

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