Mexican culture, as it known is today, has been influenced down the years by different factors and actors that have been associated with the history of Mexico. Ancient Mayan civilization and the influence of the country's interaction with its European colonial masters have had significant impact on its culture. This is why Mexican culture has become one of great diversity.

Therefore, Mexican culture is a fusion of native traditions and practices with influences of Spanish colonial masters, which can be noticed in virtually every aspect of the modern society. It has been rather tough for the people of Mexico to have a defined Mexican identity to promote, no thanks to colonial occupation, political instability and wars fought with France and America.

Given these occurrences in Mexico's past, local art and literature have also had it tough retaining its uniqueness without external influences. Colonial occupation brought with it infusion of European ideas and techniques into a significant proportion of Mexican literature. However, Mexican arts and literature started having more pronounced uniqueness during the post-revolutionary era, launching them into international fame and acclaim in the art and literary circle. A great number of Mayan and Aztecs structures have been well preserved, with a significant part of local traditions upheld.

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