The Mayan people lived in diverse locations within and outside Mexico before they were subjugated. They were spread throughout the Yucatan Peninsula as well as in some areas in Belize, Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala. In spite of being scattered about, the people worshipped the same deities and practiced human sacrifice. These different gods had specific functions or locations under their charge, as one would expect in a society where many gods are worshipped. In addition, these Mayan gods, as the Mayan Calendar showed, had ruled during different periods of time.

Ah Puch

Usually depicted as a skeleton with skulls and corpses, Ah Puch was the Mayan god of death. It was the A god and was also referred to as Yum Kimi. Cimi was the day for Ah Puch, which is also often displayed with black spots.


Associated with the Aztec god, Tlaloc, Chac was the Mayan god of rain, lightning and agriculture. He may be god B, which was associated with life, but not death. Chac, which was thought to be a very kind fertility god, may be depicted as an old man having the features of a reptile. Ik may be its day.

Kinich Ahau

Sounding like a god D, which has also been suggested for Itzamna and Kukulcan, Kinich Ahau was the sun god of the Mayans. It is depicted as an old man with a single tooth in his lower jaw or one without a tooth. The Mayan god, whose day Ahau is the same as "king," was never associated with death symbols.


A hero-god, Kukulcan is usually depicted as a feathered serpent. It was known by the Aztecs as Quetzalcoatl, which means "feathered snake." The god was connected with the four elements; colors red, yellow, white and black; good and evil. Kukulcan, the worship of which included human sacrifices, was linked to rain and said to have taught civilization to the Mayan people. It may also be god B, whose day was probably Ik and which was associated with life. God B featured a black body and a big nose with tongue hanging out to one side.

Ix Chel

The prefix, Ix, stands for a feminine -- a goddess. Ix Chel was the Mayan goddess of earth, moon and rainbow.


Ixtab was the Mayan goddess of those who were hanged or who committed suicide. It is usually shown with a rope wrapped around its neck.